12 Pack Rechargeable AA Batteries, NiMH 1.2V 1300mAh #B07V3JQS1Z


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Number of Batteries: 12 AA batteries required.
Brand: Brightown
Battery Cell Composition: NiMH
Recommended Uses For Product: For battery string lights and other every day devices, toys, TV remotes, flashlights, wireless mouses, portable audio players, game controllersFor battery string lights and other every day devices, toys, TV remotes, flashlights, wireless mouses, portable audio players, game controllers See more
Unit Count: 12 Count

Style: AA Battery 1300mAh - 12 Count

  • AA Battery 1300mAh - 12 Count

About this item

· 【 30% Precharged for Ready Use 】 For transportation safety purposes, these batteries are only precharged with 30% power, so charge them before use for longer working. In addition, recharging the battery every 3 months can make its lifespan longer

· 【 Rechargeable and Money-Saving 】The rechargeable AA battery can be constantly recharged 1200 times, saving you money on purchasing one-time use disposable alkaline batteries. It also does less harm to the environment than disposable batteries

· 【 Reliable High Capacity 】The AA rechargeable battery was built with a 1300mAh high capacity rating that translates for longer working time, allowing you to use devices longer while making the most of its single charge. They won't lose the maximum capacity while NiCD batteries do

· 【 Multiple Daily Uses 】Can be widely used for battery string lights, toys, TV remotes, flashlights, wireless mouses, portable audio players, game controllers, smart home devices, digital cameras, and other everyday electronics

· 【 Solar and Standard Charging 】These rechargeable NiMH batteries can be charged via solar or standard charging units. Using a fast charger is a better choice since it has a large capacity

NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries 600mAh
12-Pack NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries 1300mAh 12-Pack NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries 2400mAh 12-Pack NiMH Rechargeable AAA Batteries 600mAh
Voltage 1.2 Volts 1.2 Volts 1.2 Volts
Capacity 1300mAh 2400mAh 600mAh
Cycle Life 1200 Cycles 1200 Cycles 1200 Cycles
Material NiMH NiMH NiMH
Solar PRO Technology
Nickel Metal Hydride
UL Listed
Working Temperatures ﹣4℉ to 122°℉ degree ﹣4℉ to 122°℉ degree ﹣4℉ to 122°℉ degree
AA 1300mAh Rechargable Battery

12-Pack NiMH Rechargeable AA Batteries 1300mAh for Solar Lights

AA 1300mAh Rechargable Battery

Reusable Power for Everyday Devices


  1. These rechargeable AA batteries can be used for outdoor solar lights and other everyday devices like battery string lights, TV remotes, wireless mouses, game controllers electronic toys, and so on.
  2. Using rechargeable NiMH batteries that can be constantly recharged and reused, spend less money on one-time-use disposable batteries, do less harm to the environment.


Question 1: Are Brightown Batteries UL listed? How About the Quality?


  • All Brightown NiMH AA and AAA batteries have passed strict UL certification, safe and stable than most batteries on market. Our manufacturer is professional battery foundry for many world-famous brand like Motorolx, Toshibx, Panasonix eneloox, owned trustworthy quality, even performing better than xBasics with the same capacity.


Question 2: I Used Brightown NiMH Batteries in My Solar Lights, but the Lights did not Last Long.


  • The solar lights did not last long may owning to the battery did not well charged. Many factors contribute to poor charging:
  • Solar panel: Aging solar panel are hard to get well charged even using good batteries. With low energy conversion rate, the batteries could get little energy, leading to a short working time. Another possible reason is a faulty between solar panel and the batteries. You can try to check and adjust the position of the battery.
  • Weather: Rainy or cloudy weather with poor solar energy will cause a short lighting time.
  • Season: Summer usually have more solar energy than winter days, a longer working time than winter. Furthermore, winter has lower ambient temperature, leading to a faster discharge speed, which may cause the solar lights work shorter time.
  • Place: In a place with much cover, like trees, walls, the solar panel will get less solar power and don't get full charge.


Question 3: I Used Normal Charger to Charge These Batteries, but it Takes Long Time. How to Make it Quicker?


  • Charging speed usually depends on what kind of charger you are using.
  • We recommend using faster charger in good quality to charge these batteries. Batteries with poor quality can hardly withstand faster charger and break soon. So Brightown high quality rechargeable batteries is a perfect choice for quick charging.


Question 4: What is the Difference Between AAA-600mAh, AA-1300mAh and AA-2400mAh?


  • The number indicates capacity the battery holds. With higher capacity, the battery could be used for a longer period after being fully charged.
  • For solar lights, whether the battery could get fully charged depends on the solar energy it can get. Sunlight in one day is limited, so 600-1300mAh is sufficient for the solar lights.
  • For higher capacity battery, like 2400mAh, won't damage the lights or the NiMH battery, but it will not get fully charged, may cause a waste of capacity. You can choose high-capacity 2400mAh rechargeable battery for powering household everyday devices such as remote control, keyboard, mouse, electric toothbrush, Xbox console, etc..



AA Battery 1300mAh - 12 Count

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