The pergola lights string is manufactured with superb WeatherTite technology to withstand extreme temperatures, rain, wind or humid climates. The 18AWG SJTW heavy-duty wire can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use all year round


UL certified outdoor light string is built with weatherproof technology, which can withstand extreme temperatures, rain, wind, and damp climates, perfect for outdoor decoration.


Christmas lights set comes with eye protection warm white light and green line, which is great for tree, bedroom, balcony, garden decoration.

About us

Those feelings that keep with you, a lit-up garden under the night sky, a shimmering light that brings the stars closer,
remarkable spectacles of a holiday lit street, the perfect room glistening under the perfect mood, and more importantly,
the people you connect with inside these spaces, the memories you create under the perfect ambiance which details
you remember for life. It's those special moments that count.
Brightown was founded over our team's desire to bring families and friends closer together.
Now more than ever we feel people's need to reconnect with the world, to their close circles and connections, the need
to feel their world lit up again. We want to help shine a light on what's important to you, by guiding homes to your
dreams, making it ready for that perfect moment once more.
Brightown is more than just a decorative lighting brand, we're a lifestyle brand. We care about the details of what makes
your space perfect to you, with products and categories designed around building experiences, the way you experience
lighting will change forever when you focus on shining a light on what really matters.
We're lighting the way you need it. Wherever you need it. However you need it.

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